The RACU student body is characterized by much diversity. About half of our students come from the Moscow region, and the rest from all across Russia and the CIS-- including Moldova, Uzbekistan, Crimea and the Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, and the Ural Mountains and eastern Siberian regions of Russia. They have grown up in major cities and in rural villages. While most of our students are of traditional college age, the range is from 17 to 65, with several students in their 30's and 40's. Some are only beginning their university-level studies, while others already hold one or more Bachelor's degrees. Some speak English fluently, and others are just beginning to learn the language.

The vast majority of our students are professing Christians; most of them have come to know Christ since 1990. All the major Protestant/evangelical denominations of Russia are represented in our student body, and we have several believers from the Russian Orthodox Church and the Messianic Jewish community as well.

What unites them all is a strong desire to learn, and the sheer joy of knowing that there is finally a place in this vast country where evangelical faith and higher education are integrated and where they can study under the direction of committed Christian scholars and teachers.