Olga Boytsova

Junior, Business and Economics department. 

Olga was born in Moscow in 1983 to a Christian family. She has one sibling, a younger brother. Olga’s family attends a small Evangelical church, where Olga – who has been a member since she was ten years old – is involved in the worship team.

Olga is in her third year at RACU, where she is pursuing her degree and working as a student employee on the accreditation process for RACU. In this capacity, Olga collects data on professors and teachers, helps with curriculum planning, and handles assorted translation work.

Olga also holds another part-time job, as a high school sports instructor. She teaches a fitness class and a basketball class five times a week. She also tutors English to the preschoolers once a week. The pay is very low (about $20 a month for both jobs), but Olga holds this job more for pleasure. A sports lover, Olga played for the RACU basketball team in the Christian Basketball League for several years.

Olga is excited to be attending RACU. “It has strong English department and is a Christian organization,” she explains. “The faculty is highly qualified and they nurture an individual, personal relationship with each student.”

In the future, Olga wants to work in the field of finance and management. Her dream is to run her own business – a sports club. She would love to help Russian people have more opportunities to be healthy and in good sports shape. “I would love to own a sports club that offers fitness classes, swimming, bodybuilding, and cosmetics and medical services,” she says. She’d also love to hire committed Christians as employees, if possible. In Olga’s perspective, a good leader is “a great communicator, a person without pride, a person of principles.”