Oleg Chernishov

Oleg Chernishov was born in Moscow in a family of musicians. His childhood and youth were spent in the neighborhood of Nametkina Street (the district of the Christian Center). After high school, he studied at the Music College named after Gnesins – one of the best Music schools in Russia. He enjoyed his classes. As a student, he revealed his independent artistic character to his professors and they tried to do their best to develop his skills. Oleg learned a great deal during his school years, including religious and dissident literature. After the Music College, Oleg studied at the Moscow Conservatoire. It was obvious that his life was dedicated to music. Even in the army, he was singing at the quire. Ten years ago, Oleg organized the Collegium of Ancient Music at the Moscow Conservatoire. Musicians of the Collegium study, interpret, and perform medieval music.

Oleg enjoys teaching special courses on music history and fine arts, music theatre, and singing. He used to teach at the Theater University, Biblical Theological Institute, and Choir Academy. Now Oleg is teaching at RACU (Fine Arts Appreciation course and an honor course Music Appreciation) and at the Moscow Conservatoire. Two years ago, Oleg received the “Teacher of the Year” Award at RACU.

Oleg has a special interest in the music history of religion. He believes honest business is possible in Russia, but young people need to study it in practice, while being university students. Oleg believes that culture can help these students; it can provide them some financial independence during their studying years.

“Working at RACU is a unique opportunity: staying in Russia, we enjoy spiritual growth and professional cooperation with Western professors,” Oleg says. “To further improve RACU, we need to increase the ‘weight’ of general artistic fields (Christian art and culture). We need to help our students to become independent in terms of their self-realization through artistic and professional activity in the area of Christian culture.”

Oleg has a wife and two children.