Galina Danilova

Galina Danilova was born in the Republic of Bashkiria, one of three sisters. When she was four years old, her mother became seriously ill – so ill, at last, that she was taken to a hospital in another city. “I remember,” Galya says, “how my father and I went to visit Mom at the hospital. After about a year, she died, and Dad became my father, my mother, and my best friend.” Life without her mother was very difficult for Galya. Her father thought things might get better if he were to marry again, and so – five years after his wife’s death – he remarried. But his hopes were frustrated; his second marriage was very unhappy. Soon after, he got a divorce and started to drink, eventually leaving his daughters and living with different women. Galya’s oldest sister got married; her second sister graduated from college and moved to Moscow to continue her studying. And so, at the age of twelve, Galya was living alone. She studied at school and worked to provide for herself.

When Galya was seventeen years old, she graduated from high school with honors and entered Bashkiria State University. After a year, her oldest sister, who lived in Moscow with her husband and two children, took her to Moscow. In 2001, Galya entered RACU. She is a diligent, faithful, and responsible student committed to Christ and her church. Her GPA is 4.82. She is actively involved in her church ministry (she is working part-time as a secretary). “I am very grateful to everyone who committed his or her life to minister and serve young people in Russia at our University,” Galya says. “I’m so happy that I’m ready to do anything to express my gratitude.”