Department of Social Work

Erna Abramyan

Education: Ph.D. (Russian candidate of science) in Physics and Mathematics, International Independent University of Ecology and Political Science, Moscow


Teaching Responsibilities: Social Ecology, Social Anthropology; Deputy to VPAA

Nadezhda Abydenova

Education: B.A. in Religion, Moscow Bible Institute; Moscow Institute of Psychology and Sociology


Teaching Responsibilities: Pedagogy I

Olga Balaeva

Education: Ph.D. (Russian candidate of science) in Philosophy, Moscow State University


Teaching Responsibilities: Organization, Management and Administration in SW, Social Work Technologies I

Galina Cherviakova

Education: Ph.D. (Russian candidate of science) in Economics, Moscow Agricultural Academy


Teaching Responsibilities: Social Policy, Social Insurance

Donoso Escobar 

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Education: M.S.W., Graduate School of Social Work University of Arkansas; B.Th., Latin American seminary; B.A. in Sociology and International Studies, University of Arkansas at Little Rock


Teaching Responsibilities: Introduction to Social Work, Dean, Department of Social Work

Ludmila Girko

Education: Ph.D. (Russian candidate of science) in Philosophy, Philosophy Institute of RAS


Teaching Responsibilities: Political Science, Sociology I, II

Nadezhda Grubaya

Education: B.S.W., Russian-American Christian University


Teaching Responsibilities: Social Work Practicum

Yana Grushina


Teaching Responsibilities: English for Social Workers

Irina Kargina

Education: Ph.D. (Russian candidate of science) in Sociology, Moscow State University


Teaching Responsibilities: Methods of Research in Social Work, Statistics in Social Work

Yelena Matvechuk

Education: B.A. in Psychology, Moscow Open Social University; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Moscow Energy University


Teaching Responsibilities: Psychological Diagnosis

Ruslan Nadyuk

Education: Th.M., Moscow Theological Evangelical Baptist Seminary; B.A. in Social Practical Psychology, Open Social University of Moscow


Teaching Responsibilities: Psychology I, II; Deputy Dean, Department of Social Work

Ekaterina Smyslova

Education: J.D., Sverdlov Rudenko Law Institute


Teaching Responsibilities: Non-profit Organizations

Elena StudyonovaTeaching Responsibilities: Experience of SW in Various Spheres of Human Life

Pavel Usishev

Education: B.A. in Business Economics and Management, Higher School of Economics, Moscow


Teaching Responsibilities: Information Technologies in Social Work