Department of General Education

Igor Burykin

Education: Ph.D. (Russian candidate of science) in Mathematics and Physics, Institute of Mathematics, Academy of Sciences of USSR


Teaching Responsibilities: Mathematics I, II e

Oleg Chernishov

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Education: B.A. in Music Studies, Moscow Conservatory


Teaching Responsibilities: Fine Arts Appreciation, Music Appreciation

Ruth HeizerChristianity and Education

Nonna Khaoustova

Education: Ph.D. (Russian candidate of science), Russian Academy of Public Administration of the President of Russia; M.A. in Russian and Literature, Irkutsk State University


Teaching Responsibilities: New Testament Survey; Corporate Affairs Assistant


Nikolay Kornilov

Education: Th.M., Calvin Theological Seminary


Teaching Responsibilities: Old Testament Survey

Dmitri Motrenko


Teaching Responsibilities: Information Technologies; Director, RACUCIS; Web Site Administrator

Vladimir Obrovets

Education: Ph.D. (Russian candidate of science) in Radio Technology, Leningrad Electrotechnical University


Teaching Responsibilities: Natural Sciences; Vice-president for Church Relations

Krister Sairsingh

Education: Ph.D. in Religion and Theology, Harvard University; M.A. in Religion, Harvard University; B.A. in Religious Studies, Yale University


Teaching Responsibilities: Senior Ethics Seminar

Mikhail Sherbakov

Education: Th.M., Moscow Theological Seminary


Teaching Responsibilities: Public Speaking

Ekaterina Smyslova

Education: J.D., Sverdlov Rudenko Law Institute


Teaching Responsibilities: Non-profit Organizations; Introduction to Law; Legal Provisions of Social Work

Vladimir Solodovnikov

Education: Ph.D. (Russian candidate of science) in Medieval History, Moscow Regional Pedagogical Institute of Krupskaya


Teaching Responsibilities: Russian History, Philosophy, Culturology

Pavel Usischev

Teaching Responsibilities: Information Technologies in Social Work

Alexander Vaprov

Education: B.S. in Business and Economics, Russian-American Christian University


Teaching Responsibilities: Physical Education

Leonid Vasilenko

Education: B.S. in Physics and Engineering, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology;Ph.D. (Russian candidate of science) in Philosophy, Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Teaching Responsibilities: Current Topics in Bible and Theology: Russian Religious Philosophy

Diana Vermillion



Education: B.S. in Nursing, Seattle Pacific College; M.A. in Counseling, Western Evangelical Seminary

Teaching Responsibilities: Health