David Broersma

Chair, Department of Linguistics and Literature

David Broersma is an extremely valuable member of the RACU faculty, due to not only his exceptional professional skills and vast teaching experience but also his relational personality. He is committed to the whole RACU family: students, faculty, and staff. “The students at RACU and the people that I work with are simply wonderful,” says David. “It is such a gift to be able to teach them, learn from them, and work with them. I am also really glad to be a part of building something new. It is exciting to be able to design new programs and work with people to create something that has the power to make a difference in people’s lives.”

Dr. Broersma has been Chair of the Department of Linguistics and Literature at RACU since 1997. He has built a highly professional and prominent faculty team and, together with his team, has developed an intensive English program, including excellent Russian language teaching. Dr. Broersma is “the kind of boss everybody dreams about,” according to his faculty. The goal of the department is to empower all RACU students to use English comfortably in their careers, and, for the English majors, to be outstanding specialists in translation and teaching English as a second language. “We don’t just want to turn out specialists, however,” David says. “I want to see students graduate from our programs who are ambassadors for Christ, who are outstanding problem-solvers, and who are cultured people who know how to appreciate beauty. In other words, I would like to see students become true leaders in every sense of the word: classy people who can make a difference in the world around them.”

David finds Moscow, Russia, and the Russian people and culture endlessly fascinating. “I and my family love living in Moscow,” he says. “We moved here in the summer of 1997, when our four children ranged in age from 15 months to 8 years old. Our two youngest children, Betsy and Alison, have no memory of living anywhere else except Moscow. All four children go to an American Christian school in Moscow (Hinkson Christian Academy), and they and Cathy (and I) all speak and understand Russian. Learning Russian has not been easy, but it has been a fun challenge (that isn’t over yet). In 2000, realizing that we planned to be here for a long time, and recognizing that we were wasting an incredible amount of money in rent, we decided to buy an apartment. With the help of many committed friends in the United States who either gave us money or gave us no-interest loans, we were able to buy two apartments together and remodel them. The apartments were in a newly constructed apartment building, so the apartments started out with nothing but bare cement walls, ceilings, and floors. Having our own piece of the skyline in Moscow has been a wonderful thing for our family. We now have enough room for our family to live as well as for the dog and cat.”

David’s attitude is always positive and encouraging. He is an optimist, always willing and ready to help the people around him. David believes in RACU and in the exciting future of RACU students: “When I see how much my students change after four years, I am always convinced that what we are doing is worthwhile.”